Tunable picosecond laser

Model: NKT SuperExtreme EXW-4

Contact Person: Florin JIPA
Email: florin.jipa@inflpr.ro@inflpr.ro
Tel: +4021 457 4550/ ext. 2432

Location: CETAL – Room A-202
Financing project: CETAL 8PM /I 26.11.2008


NKT SuperK Extreme is a fiber turn-key supercontinuum laser designed for spectroscopic application delivering a tunable spectrum between 450 nm and 2400 nm at 78 MHz repetition rate. Coupled with a variable full automatic filter (SuperK Varia), the visible bandwidth (450-800 nm) can be reduced to few nanometers, choosing in the same time the central wavelength.


  • Repetition rate: 78 MHz
  • Polarization: unpolarized
  • Beam output: gaussian, single mode
  • Total power: 2W


  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Plasmonic structures characterisation
  • Optical metrology
  • High speed Tomography and Profilometry