Services | 3D Laser Lithography

Technology description

3D Laser Lithography is a Laser Direct-Writing (LDW) technique based on Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) effect in photoresists.
Starting from a 3D CAD file (STL), by rapid prototyping algorithms fully three dimensional structures can be fabricated with submicrometer resolution.
A General Writing Language (GWL) script allows complex 3D designs and full control over the scanning path, laser exposure, automatic positioning and corrections.

Processing conditions

- Materials: photopolymers: IP - photoresists (from Nanoscribe), SU-8, Ormocers. New materials are under development.

- Sizes and Resolution: resolution down to sub-micrometer is dependent on polymer type. The smallest feature down to 100 nm is feasible in some conditions (contact us for details).
The maximum size is given by the travel range of the XY stages, up to 100 mm x 100 mm. However, the total processing time has to be considered (contact us for details).

Characterization techniques

- Optical microscopy with magnifications up to 400x .
- Scanning Electronic Microscopy - SEM, magnification up to 30.000x .

We provide

Consulting in designing the microstructures, programing in GWL code, optimized laser parameters, SEM images, processed microstructures.