Services | Custom Laser Systems

The lasers are more and more used in technological processing steps replacing the traditional tools. The LaMP form CETAL can provides solutions for integration of laser processing systems for applications such as laser microstructuring, laser surface patterning, laser drilling, laser welding and cutting. Solid-state or fiber-optic lasers are integrated with custom made laser processing workstations.
The equipment for laser processing can be adapted for specific applications, satisfying the quality requirements and the budget of the beneficiary.

The workstations proposed have modular design and include:
  • beam transport system
  • focusing optics
  • real-time visualization of the processed area
  • translation stages for sample positioning and focusing
  • software for laser and process control.

  • The CETAL-LaMP offer includes:


    More than ten years of research in the field of laser engineering and applications of lasers on materials processing allowed the members of LaMP team to design and build several laser machines for various projects. LaMP team has the expertise to design laser processing systems customized for the beneficiary application. The laser machines are designed in modular configurations taking into account the technical requirements and the budget of the beneficiary, as well as the possibility for future upgrades and business development.


    The integrated subsystems of the laser machines are attentively selected based on previous experience of LaMP team. Many brands of translation stages, piezo stages, galvano-scanner, optics and opto-mechanics have been tested in previous research projects. A large range of devices from high performance to low budget can be proposed to fit the beneficiary requirements.

    Testing and optimization

    LaMP delivers laser processing machines fully adapted to the final application. The process are tested and optimized at CETAL as well as on beneficiary site.

    Training and Laser safety

    CETAL provides not only laser technologies trough transfer of knowledge to the final user, but also a safe technology. The training includes safety courses given by certified Laser Safety Officer.