Laser Breakdown Spectroscopy System

Model: LIBS-6 (Applied Photonics, UK)

Contact Person: Andrei STĂNCĂLIE
Tel: +40214574550 / ext. 2501

Location: CETAL – Room A-206
Financing project: CETAL 8PM/I 26.11.2018


  • Plasma light collection lens array having a relatively large depth-of-field to allow efficient light collection even when plasma position varies by ±5 mm along optic axis of laser beam.
  • 3-lens laser beam expander with adjustable focus (adjustment of focal plane made by rotating the brass beam expander lens holder via the cut-way in the laser beam tube – adjustment range of approx. 15 mm).
  • Adjustable nozzle aperture which provides a convenient means of setting the distance to the sample surface (adjustment range of approx. 15 mm)The nozzle aperture may be removed if this feature is not required.
  • Gas-purge port (accepts 4 mm flexible nylon tube) which may be used to feed inert gas (eg. argon, helium, nitrogen) to the sample surface.
  • Miniature CCD color video camera with array of dimmable high-brightness white LEDs for illuminating sample surface.
  • Laser safety interlock with key switch operated override facility (via the Interlock Override Unit – not illustrated in the above figures).
  • Compatible with the Applied Photonics Ltd range of modular sample chambers.

  • Additional software:

  • PLASUS Database for element identification

  • Performances:

  • Wavelength Range: 200-900 nm.
  • Laser: Quantel Big Sky CFR 1064 nm.
  • Max Energy: 197 mJ (adjustable).
  • Adjustable spectrometers integration time and integration delay.
  • Pulse frequency: 1-20 Hz.
  • Contains 3 axis translation stage with video camera.
  • Sample Chamber dimensions 260 mm x 260 mm x 320 mm.
  • Accessories: Modular sample chambers designed for liquids, solids and powders.

  • Applications:

  • Scientific R/D (reverse engineering, contamination, plasma studies, time-resolved spectroscopy, laser radiation interaction studies)
  • Nuclear Industry (Remote characterization of high-level radioactive waste)
  • Industrial Applications (metal processing, recycling, spent fuel reprocessing)

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