Laser Material Processing Laboratory


The Laser Materials Processing Laboratory (LaMP) supports fundamental research and industrial applications in the field of laser materials processing. The work of the group focuses on laser processing of various materials (polymers, glasses, ceramics, metals, composites) at macro-, micro- and nanometer scale. Our research results emerge in cutting edge technologies for the industrial sector.

Mission and strategy

Our mission is to develop new laser-based techniques for material processing at macro-, micro- and nano-scale, and to integrate the advanced laser tehnologies to the industrial environment. Our strategy relies on fundamental research within the framework of publically sponsored projects, emerging in laser technologies for applications oriented towards industrial entities. Our facilities provide access for researchers and industrial partners to the newest available laser technologies for materials processing.

The main directions of the laboratory are:

  • Laser macro-processing for industrial applications: cutting, drilling, welding, marking, surface structuring, cladding.
  • 3D printing of polymeric, metallic and composite objects in the micron to meter range.
  • Laser micro- and nano-processing for fabrications of microfluidics, micro-optics, metamaterials.
  • Photonic processing of biomaterials for tissue engineering, fabrication of bio-nano-materials.


We provide cutting-edge laser technologies for materials processing. We apply the relevant research results and the newest technological developments in the industrial sector. We provide for the industrial entities an open access to our facilities, our research, and technologies More info...