Dispersive Raman Microscope

Model : NRS-7200 (JASCO Inc – United States)

Contact Person: Catalin Luculescu
Email: catalin.luculescu@inflpr.ro
Tel: +4021 457 4550/ ext. 2422

Location: CETAL – Room A105
Financing project: CETAL 8PM /I 26.11.2008

Maximum Resolution 0.3 cm -1
Measurement Range 5 to 8000 cm -1

System Features

  • Research-grade model assuring high spectral quality
  • Exceptional wavenumber accuracy with a high-precision rotary-encoder direct drive mechanism
  • Low wavenumber measurement
  • Auto-alignment of microscope laser introduction optics and Raman scattering light path
  • Wavenumber calibration using an integrated Ne lamp
  • Unique Dual Spatial Filter (DSF) for higher spatial resolution than conventional confocal optics
  • Patented Spatial Resolution Image (SRI) function for simultaneous observation of sample image, laser spot and aperture image


  • 3 lasers: 2 internal (532 nm & 785 nm), 1 external (633 nm).
  • 500 mm focal length Aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner monochrometer;
  • 3 gratings on automatic turret: 600, 1800, 2400 gr/mm;
  • Peltier cooled Andor CCD detector (high-resolution, 2048 × 512 pixel);
  • Automatic Ne lamp for wavenumber calibration;
  • Four lenses on turret: 5x, 20x, 100x microscope objectives (VIS optimalised), 100x dedicated NIR objectives available;
  • Automatic x-y-z stage with 0.1 μm step resolution;
  • CMOS camera for sample viewing;
  • True confocal capability;
  • Simultaneous monitoring of sample view and irradiated area allows precise location of measurement point;
  • Accepts one optional dichroic mirrors for higher light throughput, recommended especially for higher laser wavelengths (785 nm);
  • Unique novel functionalities as VertiScan image distortion free illumination system;
  • SPRintS high speed imaging available as factory option;
  • Control and data handling by SpectraManager II software on Windows platform;
  • Allows display of LED illuminated sample, laser spot and spectra as well as image capturing;
  • Auto-stage control and extensive mapping functions are added;
  • Auto-Fluorescence correcting function;
  • Automatic recognition of wavenumber filter;
  • Data handling functions: storage of parameter sets, real time spectral display, multitasking operation, zooming and scale change, trace functions, smoothing, baseline correction, peak picking, peak height, peak area, arithmetic processing, derivatives, %T/Abs conversion, automatic spectral subtraction, ASCII conversion; comments editing, data cut, data concatenate, etc;
  • Spectral search and database building by Sadtler KnowItAll, JASCO Edition software, including spectral library creation and search, functional group analysis, chemical structure drawing, report and presentation design as well as a database of 600 Raman spectra;
  • Delivered with SpectraManagerII and KnowItAll software preinstalled on central control unit; -English instructions;
  • PCA [Principal Component Analysis] mapping software with wide range of additional functions for mapping, joystick and integrated auto-focus capabilities, mounted instead of manual stage;
  • SPrintS high speed imaging system (max. scanning speed: 5 msec/spectrum, depending on the CCD detector used; 40 nm spatial resolution) with VertiScan image distortion free illumination, multi-focus function; with Zautostage (0.1 μm step);
  • Automatic polarisation measurement unit;
  • Fiber optics interface system for 2 laser sources;
  • Raman shift range abt. 5 - 8000 cm-1 (with 532 nm excitation);
  • Dimensions: Model 7200: 1540(W) x 670(H) x 1220(D) mm, 270 kg.