The research activity of the CETAL-PW laboratory is focused on the interaction of ultra-short high-intensity lasers with matter and its aplications: plasma physics and diagnostics, production of sources of energetic particles and radiation and their applications in different scientific fields (medicine, chemistry, space science) (more info...)


Applications Particles acceleration: electrons and protons, X-Ray generation, Spectral broadening and pulse compression.


Laser Materials Processing Laboratory


LaMP supports fundamental research and industrial applications in the field of laser materials processing. The R&D focuses on laser processing of various materials (polymers, glasses, ceramics, metals, composites) at macro-, micro- and nanometer scale. Our research results emerge in cutting edge technologies for the industrial sector. (more info...)


Applications Laser macroprocessing: cutting, drilling, welding. Laser micro and nanoprocessing: microfluidics, micro-optics, metamaterials, tissue engineering, bio-nano-material.


Photonic Investigation Laboratory


Various techniques of investigations involves the fundamental properties of the laser beams: coherence, polarization, monochromaticity, directionality, intensity. The initial state of an incident beam is altered under interaction of the light with a target, then the emerged beam will carry the information from the irradiated sample to a detector. (more info...)


Applications Raman spectroscopy, LIBS spectroscopy, THz spectroscopy, Spectroscopy (from 200 nm to THz), Vibrometry, Laser beam characterization.