CETAL | Projects

ELI-RO Projects ( PNCDI III 2015-2020)

  • ELI-17/2016: BIOSAFE / Electromagnetic Shielding Structures to assure Biological Safety during target hitting experiments on PW Laser Facilities
  • ELI-24/2016: TEDILAPLAS / Temporally resolved diagnostics of laser produced plasma for electron acceleration foreseen to be used at ELI-NP
  • ELI-25/2016: TARGET / Laser targets for ultraintense laser experiments
  • ELI-23/2017: ELI-23 / On-line measurement of laser-driven proton beams effect on human cells (Partner)
  • ELI-27/2017: ELI-27 / Femtoseconds PW laser applications on advanced particle acceleration. (Partner)
  • ELI-01/2020: FLASH-on-chip / Laser-driven very high-energy electron beam FLASH irradiation: real-time dosimetry-on-chip and biological effects

TE Projects (PN-III-P1-1.1-TE)

  • TE07/2018: TE07 / Biophotonic micro-opto-fluidic platform for innovative cellular analyses
  • TE136/2018: ALMALASER / Laser welding of aluminium based metal matrix nanocomposites under high speed imaging and spectroscopic monitoring

PTE Projects (PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2021)

  • PTE88/2022: PTE88 / Laser welding technology for electric energy storage systems in lithium-ion batteries

PED Projects (PN-III-P2-2.1-PED)

  • PED24: PHOENIX / Photonics devices under extreme operating conditions
  • PED47: PED47 / Photoactive carbon based nanocomposite materials for efficient wastewater treatment by organic pollutant removal
  • PED148: μFGF2bone / Microfluidic assay of FGF2 therapeutic administration for bone regeneration (Partner)
  • PED197: EMABON / Functional electromagnetic active scaffolds for bone regeneration
  • PED241: BIOMIMA / 3D laser additive manufacturing of cranial metallic prostheses functionalized with bioactive ceramic coatings
  • PED470: ValGEOS / In-field calibration validation to improve ground support spectral measurements for current and future Earth Observation systems
  • PED596: TUMOSIGN / Optoelectric microfluidic system for tumor cells characterization and separation according to their malignancy grade
  • PED666: MEMOIR /Multi-sensor data fusion platform for integrated monitoring of ionizing radiation

Brancusi Project (PN-III-P3-3.1-PM-RO-FR)

  • PM-RO-FR/2019: 9BM / Conventional and unconventional methods of synthesis and characterization of carbon materials doped with metal nanoparticles

PCE Projects (PN-III-P4-IDPCE)

  • PCE90: PCE90 / Nanocomposite layers for the treatment of microorganisms by advanced oxidation processes
  • PCE175: PCE175 / Nanocomposite materials obtained by laser techniques for flexible electronic devices
  • PCE85: PCE85 / Processing and immobilization by non-conventional laser techniques of grafen polymer nanocomposite materials for next-generation stretchable transparent electrodes
  • PCE8/2021: PCE8 / Transparent material processing by nanophotonic technologies for Lab-on-Chip applications / nanoLOC
  • PCE57/2021: PCE57 / Use of enhanced topology in engineering of additive manufactured parts made of composite materials
  • PCE93/2021: PCE93 / Acoustic wave based discrimination of ZnO gases sorbtion in variable ambiental conditions
  • PCE58/2022: PCE58 - PHOTONIQS / Nanophotonic structures for integrated quantum sources

PCCA Projects (PNCDI-II)

  • PCCA162: PCCA162 / Complex high surface area photoactive nano-materials for environmentally-friendly energy production and organic pollutants degradation

PD Projects (PN-III-P1-1.1-PD)

  • PD39/2022: PD39 / In situ monitoring of additive manufactured parts via infrared thermography and high speed imaging
  • PD134/2021: PD134 / Eco-friendly carbon-based materials for biomedicine and energy applications
  • PD84/2021: PD84 / Ultrafast time-resolved characterization of perovskites thin films / UTRSCofPTF

STAR Projects (ROSA - STAR)

  • STAR97: LEOPARD / Laser-Plasma Acceleration of Particles for Radiation Hardness Testing