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Every year INFLPR organizes Open Labs actions. CETAL is largely involved in such activities and much more. For previous activities please follow our Facebook page and Youtube channel. Organized visits to CETAL can be scheduled for groups of students and scholars, teachers and other interested groups. Please send us the access form including you organization name, number of persons and contact person information.

Access form for experiments at
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Access form for experiments at
CETAL-PW infrastructure

The access for experiments and research services is provided under the REGULATION OF ACCESS TO CETAL INFRASTRUCTURE, code RAIC ( download pdf here ... ). A Scientific and Technical Panel (STP) is nominated and includes internal and external specialists in laser physics and applications, as well as internal staff responsible for ionising radiation safety, laser safety, chemical and electrical hazard. The applications for access to CETAL infrastructure are received continuously and should include information that allows for the panel to assess the scientific aspects and technical issues (scientific quality, technical feasibility, safety). For large installations like high power lasers (PW and TW lasers), if the access is approved by the panel, a technical meeting is appointed with the applicant for detailing the experiments with the internal staff form CETAL. The access to small installations (ex: laser processing workstation, spectroscopy platform) has a simplified procedure. An online form is filled by applicant and the answer could be given on the same day from our staff.