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The laboratory offers a wide range of vibrometry related services. We perform tests according to the following standards: ESA, TUV, MILD, etc.
Vibration simulations are induced using a Dongling ES-30 shaker and PCB accelerometers are utilized for data reading.

  • System specifications:
  • Frequency range : 5-3000 Hz;
  • Max Displacement : 50 mm;
  • Max Acceleration : 100 G;
  • Max velocity : 2.8 m/s;
  • Max Load support : 300 kg;
After the tests, the raw data is processed and a full report on the condition of the tested object is provided for the userVibrometryandShocksLaboratory2
We perform shocks and vibrations testing for: aerospace, aeronautics, automotive and military applications. VibrometryandShocksLaboratory3

Ongoing collaborations / commercial contracts with:

  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.
  • European Space Agency.
  • Institute of Space Science.
  • Prime Batteries Technology.
  • ProOptica.
  • Romanian Inspace Engineering.


Research activity includes spectroscopic characterization, biophotonics, optical metrology, fiber optics and vibrometry. More info...