TEWALAS | Ultra-short Pulses

The pulse duration is controlled by Dazzler and measured by SPIDER. Dazzler - is a turn-key ultrafast pulse shaping system, performing simultaneous and independent spectral phase and amplitude programming of ultrafast laser pulses. Dazzler systems inserted in CPA systems can pre-compensate gain narrowing and to compensate high order phase distortions, thus enabling the generation of shorter and cleaner ultrafast pulses. SPIDER - Single shot, high contrast pulse measurement.
  • Spectral detection band edges: 560 - 1040 nm.
  • Pulse duration range: 20 - 100 fs (FWHM values for FTL Gaussian pulses).
  • Temporal measurement window: ±400 fs.
  • Temporal measurement dynamic: >40 dB.
  • Required pulse energy: 2 - 20 μJ.
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