CETAL-PW | LASER | Adaptive Optics

The Strehl Ratio is adjustable by using a ILAO deformable mirror coupled with a Haso3 32 wavefront sensor. A classical Shack Hartmann Wavefront Sensor system measures the wavefront shape and intensity distribution of beams by analyzing the location and intensity of spots formed by imaging a beam of light onto a CCD camera with a microlens array . The shape of the wavefront is analysed by a specialised software that controls a deformable mirror, which iterativelly correct the wavefront aberations.
Ilao95 deformable mirror with dielectric coating: - uses mechanical actuator to apply a force on the back of the substrate. - Macroscopic displacement of mechanical parts inside the actuator modifies the force applied to the back of the mirror, which modifies on a nanometric scale the shape of the reflective surface.
Imagine Optic’s HASO3 32 wavefront sensor:
  • Working wavelength range: 400 - 1100 nm
  • high-resolution - 1,280 independent measurement points
  • Aperture dimension of 4.9 x 6.1 mm2
  • simultaneous and independent measurement of both phase & intensity.
  • true absolute measurement.
  • unbeatable accuracy and dynamic range.
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