CETAL-PW | Experimental Area

The interaction of the laser pulses with different types of targets (solid or gaseous) takes place in a large aluminum target chamber (6 m3) - with a 1.3 x 2.5 m optical breadboard - under high-vacuum conditions (10-6 mbar).
The interaction chamber is placed in a bunker with 1.5 m thick walls made of high-density barite concrete., The laser pulses are guided in vacuum (10-6 mbar) from the exit of the compressor to the interaction chamber by a 26 m long transport line using 5 flat fully motorized mirrors.
There are two configurations for the laser pulse focusing, depending on the desired experiment: - using an off-axis parabolic mirror with a long focal length of 3.2 m (f/20) which allow to obtain a focal spot with a minimum waist of few tens of microns (useful for gaseous targets) and - an off-axis parabolic mirror with a short focal length of 40 cm (f/2.5) that allow obtaining a focal spot of few microns (for solid targets).
Setup for solid targets
Setup for gaseous targets